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There is a powerful demon in Big Brother Naija house – Nigerian Blogger

A popular Nigerian blogger has criticized BBNaija 2018. He posted on his Facebook page alleged that there is a powerful demon in the reality TV show Big Brother Naija, the ongoing BBNaija 2018.

According to him, his perception of the show which has over million viewers across the globe and mostly trend on the social is surrounded with powerful demons that has reduced the housemates to sex tools within themselves.

The blogger noted that a normal lady or young man can never have sex on live TV knowing fully well, the big brother house is set up with cameras even in the privacy of bathroom.

There is a powerful demon in Big Brother Naija house – Nigerian Blogger

Below is his view as posted on Facebook;

There is a powerful demon in Big Brother Naija House.
I have over the time watch some clips trending on social media, also take a glimpse of the show which has influenced and affected Nigerians like the MMM Ponzi scheme virus. Now I have confirmed my doubts that one, there is a powerful demon in BBNaija house which has taken over the house and has reduced young men and women who has future to nothing in the quest of N45m and the become sex motivated, arouse and compelled to have it open whether with style or codedly but on live TV.

Imagine a housemate leaving his or her family only to fallen trap to this demonized act. Most program are now become like soft porn for both the actors and the viewers. It is regrettably regretting that the NBC can not do anything to save our today’s leader.
But let me ask, what moral values do you get from sexual content like BBNaija 2018? To be immortality has taken over the mindset of the creator and those buying the content.

How can you subscribe to a VIP package of DSTV only to stay awake and watch our naked young ladies bathing naked. What if Nina, Alex, Cee-c and others are your sisters will you watch them naked? What an immortality!

Secondly my doubt was also confirmed for the level of obsession which has cropped into this generation. What will you be deriving from watching soft-porn like BBNaija 2018? Just at midnight you get up from your bed switch on the TV and tune in to Big Brother Naija show just to look at the lady’s nakedness and you are OK. Why not get a hard core instead and know that you are porn addict. This is purely obsession and I know you won’t doubt my claim that there is “a powerful demon” in the Big Brother House. Take it or leave it

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