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Nnamdi Kanu’s claim confirmed! The Zoo: Animal Kingdom called Nigeria



Monkeys swallow N70m of Northern Senators Forum money
The Zoo: Animal Kingdom called Nigeria – Not quite long after Mazi Nnamdi Kanu claimed Nigeria is a zoo that he was attacked by the Nigerian Army in Umuahia, Abia state. Kanu kept saying Nigeria is a zoo country regards to the injustices and the wrongs perpetrated in it and against the poor innocent masses.

It took only few months for most of his assertion to take place such as the controversies generated by his claim that the “Buhari you see in Abuja is Jubrin from Sudan“.

But drama began as we see President Buhari returned to Abuja after 100 days plus on medical leave only to be caged out of office by some rodents widely called, “Belgium Rats”. Nigerians reacted and frowned at this stories insinuated by presidency but what then can they do; believed what they were told.

The Zoo: Animal Kingdom called Nigeria (Nnamdi Kanu’s picture)

One may see it clearly like Nnamdi Kanu saw it, Nigeria, the  animal kingdom or zoo. Now it is so much drama as snake from nowhere in JAMB off swallowed N36m. Snake girl, strange snake, call it names but it becomes an object of caricature.

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Now just hearing another shocker, Monkeys swallow N70m belonging to Northern senators. What is Nigeria turning into? A zoo like Nnamdi Knu said or animal kingdom as widely see.

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