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Military spits fire over Amnesty International’s report on Boko Haram, IPOB, homosexuality



Military spits fire over Amnesty International’s report on Boko Haram, IPOB, homosexuality
Amnesty International’s Report: Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters has described the latest report released by Amnesty International (AI), alleging human rights violations by the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN), as a gross disservice to the nation’s high security command.

It accused AI of working towards weakening the efforts of the AFN at ensuring peace and security in the country.

Brigadier General, John Agim, Brigadier General, Acting Director Defence Information, in a statement on Friday, observed that AI has made it a routine duty to continue generating tension among the citizens by releasing unconfirmed reports, unsubstantiated claims and figures relating to military counter-insurgency operations and wanton killings by unknown groups or persons.

The statement in full: “It is pertinent to re-iterate that the AFN as a responsible institution, financed by taxpayers, is bound to respond to these allegations in order to put the records in proper perspective.

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The AI allegations of human rights violations and extra judicial killing of civilians by the AFN have followed a specific trend for some time now. It could be noted that the organization’s allegations made against the AFN since 2011 to date are largely unsubstantiated.

The figures released by the organization showed that 4,900 Boko Haram detainees were held in Giwa Barracks in an overcrowded facility where 340 detainees had already died of diseases and dehydration.

“They further stated that 164 civilians were killed by the Nigerian Air Force when an IDP camp was hit at Rann by a Nigerian Air Force fighter Jet and also that 12 IPOB members were kill in Umuahia by the AFN. Read More At Dailypost

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