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I’ll love to get married , have lovely kids – Miss Bayelsa 2018 Queen



I'll love to get married , have lovely kids - Miss Bayelsa 2018 QueenQueen Freda Fred: Miss Bayelsa 2018 Queen, Freda Fred has expressed her desire to go into aviation, get married and have lovely kids after she must have left the pageantry scene.

The Beauty Queen also stated that she will get involved in the 2019 election activities as she continues to affect humanity in divers way. She stressed the need for Nigerians to elect good leaders who will put their needs at heart.

I’ll love to get married , have lovely kids – Miss Bayelsa 2018 Queen Freda Fred

In an interview with Chidispalace in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti state capitpal Queen Freda Fred Bruce Boufini noted that, that Pageantry has been abused in many ways and that organizers should take up their responsible in fulfilling their terms and obligations to their Queens.I'll love to get married , have lovely kids - Miss Bayelsa 2018 Queen

Here is the expert;

Queen Freda sounds so familiar and I guess she is not new to the pageant world. So, who is Freda Fred Bruce Boufini?
I am a 400 level law student of Afe Babalola University Ado Ekiti.
A beauty queen, an entrepreneur, goal setter, model and an ambassador. I am in my early twenties. Was born in to the family of three; the first child and the first daughter.

What spur you into pageantry as a potential lawyer?
It has been a dream of mine since I was a child, and I found a common ground to fit both my passion and my occupation that I am aspiring to one day accomplish fully. Destiny can be delayed but it cannot he avoided or shun.

What gives you courage each time you want to do something different and unique from other beauty queens?
My drive to succeed and stand out from my contemporaries

Raunchy photos, sex scandals,  Immoral act every day by the so called beauty queens. What moral values still left for someone like you?
Well I come from a very strict home and my mother is a true disciplinarian so values like honesty,decency and contentment which she taught me while growing up cannot elude me now.I'll love to get married , have lovely kids - Miss Bayelsa 2018 Queen

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Your projects to affect humanity?
Youth empowerment, girl child education and skill acquisition programs

Your modalities and expectations of these projects and how will it affect the society?
My basic expectation is that these projects will not only blossom but also expand. In relation to affecting the society ,these programs will basically create awareness

What are your obstacles meeting men as a beauty queen?
Most men are intimidated by my success although I’m a very down to earth person, meeting men can be quite impossible to achieve

Men demanding sex from beauty queens for helping them sponsor projects, how true is it?
But still they are not my priority for now. I have a duty to the people of bayelsa state and I can’t afford distractions.
I have not had such encounter before but that does not mean I have not heard of such. But I think it’s all about composure and self worth. Avoid putting you self in a compromising situation and take a walk when such issues are brought up and avoid desperation that complying with their needs will get you your demands.I'll love to get married , have lovely kids - Miss Bayelsa 2018 Queen

What were your very best and ugly moments?
I ve none I look at d positive out of every situation.

What’s your future after Miss Bayelsa crown?
Try a pageant or two , Aside being a lawyer I will love to go into aviation and get married , have lovely kids.

Who are your source of encouragement?
My family and friends

What do you expect beauty pageant organizers do to enhancing the purpose of pageantry in Nigeria?
Keep to their words, guide and assist their queen and never abandon them to venture into the Industry alone.

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What will be your role in the upcoming election season in Nigeria?
Create enlightenment program to encourage youths to shun political violence and to support a violent free, fair election. Also to elect credible leaders in power to better their lives.I'll love to get married , have lovely kids - Miss Bayelsa 2018 Queen

Do you believe Nigeria has come out of recession?
No! I don’t think Nigeria is out of recession, this is because the impact of suffering and hardship still show up. And many Nigerians still go through difficulties.

Who are those you really indebted to that has helped you to this level as a beauty queen?
Mr chidi obasi my manager, Mrs Cynthia Fred-Boufini – my sweet and dear mum, Barr. Mrs Dise Sheila Ehise-Ogbisere, the FIDA Chairperson, Mr Solomon Barakumo Odede – Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant Organizer, Mrs Juliet Pulu Zifawei, DG, Girl Child Protection Bureau Bayelsa state, Mr Victor Oroyi, Miss Tubodeinbefa Agoinzor, Mr Somina Johnbull, Mr Keith Fred Boufini, Roy Funbike and a list of others.

Who is your favourite Nigerian celebrity and why?
Don’t have a favorite can’t pick, they are unique in their own way and they have individual traits which I admire.I'll love to get married , have lovely kids - Miss Bayelsa 2018 Queen

Where will you like to be outside Nigeria and why?
Canada, change of environment and  for better leaving.

Your last one for your supportive fans?
Never give up, your tomorrow will be better than your yesterday and today.

CREDITS: Hannah mode of modes makeover, Ubani chetachi of cheetah photography, Arisi rukeme and adun ademide wardrobe, Jenifer Tuaka and faith bonibaide – hair

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