My greatest shock on Valentine’s Day


A Facebook user shared her worst experience on Valentine’s day years. How her ex boyfriend broke her heart visiting him at home just to see another girl in the house. She posted the piece and tagged it, “The worst VAL 7 years”.
My greatest shock on Valentine's Day
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The worst VAL 7year’s!
7year’s ago I was with my (ex). We were together on Valentine’s day, so. I need to run some errands for my aunt. I told my (Ex) that, I don’t know how long I’m gonna take to finish up everything I needed to do that day. He asked me to take my time and do whatever I want to do. We kissed and romance then, I left.
Later in the evening I was ready to spend the rest of the evening in his place. I called him severally his line was switched off.

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I ask my Aunt to give me a lift to his place.
When I got there, I saw a female Snicker’s at the varanda. I just said to myself….. “Ebi, be calm no matter what”. I knocked and a lady replied…..

Girl: Yes, coming. The door is open.
My heart was already in piece. I told myself, girl be yourself no matter what.
I entered and she offered me a seat.
Girl: Good evening. Please who are you looking for?
Me: “with a stammering voice”. Ummmm! I’m looking for Peter

Girl: OK! He went out to get something. And you are his?
Me: Sister
Girl: Oh. I never knew Peter has such a pretty sister.

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10 minutes later, Peter was back and shocked seen me
Girl: Baby. Ebi is here, she said she’s your sister, but I know very well that she’s lying. I know she’s your girlfriend.
Me: laughing in tear’s. No, he’s my brother, let me leave so. I’ll not ruin your night. Peter. Good night and happy Valentine.
I drop the gift I bought for him on his table and left.

A year later, Peter heard that I was getting married on the 14th of February 2013. he called me said. I broke his heart after he apologized to me severally.
Me: How? Where??

Happy 5th anniversary Ebi!

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