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We don’t ask sex from our Queens, crowning is on merit – Miss Nollywood Organizer



Barakumo Odede Miss Nollywood Organizer
We don’t ask sex from our Queens, crowning is on merit – Miss Nollywood Organizer

Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant Organizer Mr Barakumo Solomon Odede has reinstated that he will continue to crown beauty Queens based on merit and not through the back door as widely spread in the social media by those aiming to destroy his image.

He stated this today in an interview with Chidispalace while arriving Lagos Sunday evening. The pageant organizer also noted that some individuals are bent to destroy his image and the brand and promised that all their efforts in saboutaging the brand will not suceed.

Mr Barakumo acknowledged that the organization dethroned one of the former Queens who bridged its contract agreement and not based on sexual abuse scandal that was claimed by the ex beauty Queen.

Now the experts;

Tell us more about Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant?

Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant is one of the prestigious platform in Africa, a means to encourage our beauty and talented young girls. The brand is aimed at promoting our Nollywood activites, humanitarian works and bringing Nollywood closer to individuals. We have in the past affected lives through campaigns, programmes and social media awareness through our past and present Beauty Queens.

So, what are we expecting from this year’s edition?

Something extra-ordinary, it’s gonna be entertainment packed, award presentations, glitz and glamour. All roads lead to Asaba, Delta state on the 18th of March at Hotel Beniza, Asaba. This year we are parading 18 beautiful contestants who are almost through their online voting. And the event will also be attended by Nollywood stars, producers, markerters, directors, others who the organization will honour for their input in the industry. In fact it’s gonna be a bomb!

It is on record that you dethroned one of your former Queen last 2 years because of sexual harassment. How true is this?

Thanks for this question, but I would like to put the record straight. In every organization, group or company there are lay down rules, principles or agreement biding them. This is how it is in Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant. When you go against the rules, the orgnization will have no option than to act on it. The sex assualt scandal is a mere fallassy and it was targetted to discredit and pull me down. Most times, some of these beauty Queens go extra miles in making sure you are down because you are checking on them. But thank God our record is straight and there is no indicting evidence against me or the organization. We will continue to uphold our integrity and promote respect for women in Africa.

Do you think Miss Nollywood has come of age to compete with other International brand?

We are trying our best every year to put our brand on the international map. Rome was never built in a day, so we are working year by year to meet up.

This year edition we are noticed that some of the Contestants are fat, why?

Miss Nollywood is unique, we don’t we do not put restrictions on body size, as long as you can deliver with your beauty, talents and creativity then your size is a plus to you. If you travel outside this country there are lots of them, Miss BumBum in Brazil,  Miso Slim, many of them. So, whether fat or thin you are welcome in Miss Nollywood 2018.

Give us an update so far?

I just left Asaba to Lagos all is for the the build up of the event in Asaba. I have met with some Nollywood stars who have also confirmed attendance on the 18th of March. Right now the Contestants are going through Online voting which will end first week of next month. We hope to field in beautiful, brillant and talented Queens. Some top government officials will also grace the event. It’s all going well but you know the challenges, money.

How have you been managing these Queens?

My brother it is not easy but we are trying our best.

What is your say on the rumour, giving girls out to men to have sex with for sorting out money?

Well, everyone holds his or her opinion. In every section we have one or two issues, same to the pageant world, in fact to every sector including the educational, banking, political sectors, etc. Honestly this happens but none of my Queens both past and present will say I have mortgage her for money.

Do you think this menance can be cumbed?

Yes why not? If our young girls will stop been desperate and go through the right channel then some of these quack organizers will never see means of exploiting them.

What is your relationship with your Queens like?

Like a Father to daughter relationship. I do my best to assist, direct and lead them to the right path.

What is your relationship with Ebi Wali, we heard you having some issues?

Ebi Wali was one of my former Queens, she is like a daughter to me. I know how far I brought her. We had issues and both of us deletedo each other on Facebook and other social media. Accounts were hacked and deleted stuffs like that. Though we ain’t getting alongood now and I can’t fight her. You know it will be madness, Father fighting his daughter.

Why did you move the event from Bayelsa to Asaba?

We just want to try new grounds. Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant event isn’t tied to a particular state or country. We are coming to Asaba and next year we may go to Cross River, Rivers state or any other.

Lastly, what’s your source of income in organizing such a huge event and maintain the yearly expenditure?

Well, we recieve sponsorship from corporate bodies, private individuals and sometimes fund raise.

Thanks for your time!

You are welcome!

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”He is human” Edo state govt reacts to trending photos of the state governor, Godwin Obaseki, sleeping at UN general Assembly




''He is human'' Edo state govt reacts to trending photos of the state governor, Godwin Obaseki, sleeping at UN general Assembly

The Special Assistant to Edo state governor on Media and Communication strategy, Crusoe Osagie, has released a statement over the trending photos of the governor, Godwin Obaseki, sleeping while President Buhari addressed the 73rd UN General Assembly yesterday September 25th.

According to Osagie, the governor was fatigued. To buttress his point, Osagie shared photos of other world leaders sleeping at world events. Read the statement below

Our attention has been drawn to a mischievous campaign designed to smear the image of the Edo State Governor, Mr. Governor Obaseki.

The disparagers have populated the internet with photographs of the governor when he momentarily succumbed to fatigue after a long flight, preceded by a chaotic itinerary in Edo State before heading to New York for the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, in the United States of America.

The idle hands and mischievous minds behind the smear campaign against governor Obaseki are clearly not people to be taken seriously.

Despite Governor Obaseki’s rare work culture, unmatched by his peers, we have never portrayed him as a machine. He can experience fatigue and exhaustion, an indisputable fact of life, to which all humans are susceptible.

The internet is awash with photographs of outstanding world leaders who have at one time or the other yielded to fatigue at meetings.

The list includes the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel; Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe; former United States President, Barack Obama; his Economic Adviser, Larry Summers; Pope Benedict XVI; former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown; former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi and the former Austrian President, Heinze Fischer, amongst others.

Those who are familiar with the daily work schedule of Governor Godwin Obaseki have attested to his rare and unique work ethics, devoid of fanfare and trivialities.
A cursory look at the governor’s itinerary between September 21 – 23rd, before he entered the UN meetings in New York, shows the following: Friday September 21, 2018, 9:30am, Swearing-in of members of the Edo State Oil and Gas Producing Areas Development Commission (EDSOGPADEC) Board; 10:30am, Swearing-in of new members of the Edo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB); 12noon, Meeting with Amaju Pinnick, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) President; 12-5pm, attended to mails and correspondence; 5-7pm, on the road from Benin City to Irrua in Edo Central.

Between 7-9pm, he held a meeting with Edo Central Community and Political leaders in Irrua; from 9-10pm, he was on the road from Irrua to Fugar, headquarters of Etsako Central Local Government Area. From 10pm to 12am the next day, he held a meeting with community and political leaders in Fugar.

On that same Saturday between 12-3am, Obaseki met with overseers of the Health Improvement Programme (HIP) along with his Chief of Staff, Chief Taiwo Akerele; the Special Adviser on Media and Communication Strategy, Crusoe Osagie; Executive Assistant, Ethan Uzamere; in Fugar, Etasko Central LGA.

The team rested between 4-7am on Saturday and proceeded to Warake to inspect the Primary Healthcare Centre there, which is near completion.

Between 9-10am, the governor was on the road from Warake to Okpella where he commissioned the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)’s Power Transformer in Okpella.

From 11am, he headed to St. Ambrose Catholic Church, Emaudo in Ekpoma, for the memorial Church Service of the late Professor Ambrose Alli, former governor of old Bendel State. He was at the late Prof. Ambrose Alli’s House for a visit from 4pm and was on the road from Ekpoma to Benin City between 4:30 and 6pm.

He left Benin City for New York around 6pm and was scheduled to arrive New York between 11-12noon, Sunday (New York time) for the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly.

He was to await President Muhammadu Buhari’s arrival between 4-6pm after which he met with the President’s aide over the next day’s proceedings at the United Nations.

The governor’s activities in the days before his trip to New York give insight into his attitude to work and governance, and followed similar crowded itinerary, in China, where he sealed final investment agreements on the development of the Benin Industrial Park, the Benin River Port and the Modular Refinery project few days before.

• Crusoe Osagie is the Special Adviser to Governor Godwin Obaseki on Media and Communication Strategy

''He is human'' Edo state govt reacts to trending photos of the state governor, Godwin Obaseki, sleeping at UN general Assembly

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Soldier flogs driver mercilessly, shatters his windscreen for overtaking him in Lagos (Video)

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