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Confirmation of Nnamdi Kanu’s claim, ‘This is not Buhari, but Jibrin from Sudan’ (Updated)



How can Nigeria government crucify Nnamdi Kanu over his claim on Buhari and Jibrin? He said over and over that the man you are seeing as your president just an impostor in the form of Buhari.

He (Nnamdi Kanu) further identified him as Jibrin who came from Sudan and is been used by the cabal in Aso rock.

Recently, people have also seen facts backing Nnamdi Kanu’s claim. This was noticed from the Buhari’s visit with Aisha to Turkey. Below is the photo that speaks a lot about Nnamdi Kanu’s claim.Aisha Buhari not happy with Buhari in Turkey

Also, Fani-Kayode’s 32 Facts and Fiction about the doubled Buhari should be a thing to go by. READ THE FULL FACTS AND FICTION HERE

Just a few days back people are beginning to talk again about stories of Buhari not been Buhari and the scenario of the rodents chasing the president from office after being away from Nigeria for medical vacation in London.

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It is not yet ascertained about these claim but time shall tell.

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