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Ngor-Okpala rejects cattle colony by Rochas Okorocha

Ngor-Okpala rejects cattle colony by Rochas Okorocha

Ndi Ngor-Okpala, if we remain silent and treat what is about coming to us as light matter, we may wake up one day and find out that we have lost our common heritage to an entire set of strangers.

I am personally doing a Letter of protest to Eze Kelechi Okereke, and I will copy our Community Youth leaders to use their good offices to reject in part and in whole, the use of, or ceding of any part of Ngor-Okpala for Cattle Colony.

I am calling on every well-meaning son and daughter of Ngor-Okpala extraction to do same.

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I am writing to Eze Kelechi Okereke, because his royal jurisdiction covers my area of extraction. Therefore, you look out for your own Eze and youth leaders and write them, if possible, you can visit them if you are at home and convey to them the danger of Rochas Okorocha’s policy of setting up Cattle Colony on our lands.

Maybe I should remind you of this undeniable fact, that the Veterinary Arm of Imo State University is located in Ngor-Okpala, and industries are set up, as a matter of best practice, with localization of similar industries in mind, and with strong consideration for what is called economic of scale. On the basis of this, Ngor-Okpala is well favoured for siting of the proposed Cattle Colony.

Let Us Arise and Speak Up!

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