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Don’t vote for party but individual Pastor Esther Martins tells Nigerian Youths

Pastor Esther Martins advises Nigerian Youths
President of Advocacy for Developmental Change Organization, Pastor Esther Martins to be mindful of people they vote during the 2019 Elections across the country.

The president Advised youths to be very careful towards politicians with their sweet mouths during election period. She made this known to us  while receiving an Award as the best NGO of the year.

her words;

Political Office Holders Should Stop Calling Youths Beggars. You Use Them During Elections, You Created Enmity Amongst Friends And Family Members And Took Off Now 2019 Is Around You’ve Started Calling Same Youths You call Beggars For What You Call Stakeholders Meeting For Your Greedy And Selfish Interest, Most Of Them Don’t Pick Calls Creating A Very Negative Impression That They Wants To Beg, Where You Not Begging Them For Support?

I Would Advise Youths To Be Very Careful With Those Who Remember You Only During Politicking And Never Care After Elections, Loyalty Has To Be Sustained And Not Abused, Our Youths Should Also Understand With Their Leaders With The Realities On Ground, I Can’t Tag Someone Who Stood By Me A Beggar, That Concept Is Wrongly Used In My Opinion, I Can Only Tag Someone I Don’t Know And Has Made Such As An Habit A Beggar, Everyone At Sometimes In Life Have Some Temporary Unexpected Challenges Either Financially Or In Job Placement Demands, When They Lobby For Appointments It’s Not Called Begging Abi?

Police inspector’s head found in Cross River shrine

Our Youths Should Wisely Use Their Strenght , 2018/19 Is A Politicking Year, It’s Their Turn To Beg For Votes With Innuendos As Nice Boss And Ogas As Fondly Called By Some Youths.
We think this is the best advice given to youths at this time

Meanwhile, The Independent Electorial Commission, INEC has scheduled time for the 2019 elections across the country.

The presidential and National Assembly elections will hold on same day on February 16, 2019, INEC Chairman, Mahmood Yakubu, said while briefing journalists on Tuesday.

Governorship and state assembly elections will also hold same day on March 2, two weeks after the presidential election. The elections into Abuja Area Councils also hold on March 2.

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