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Bayelsa Merit Awards 2017, Voting Process Cancelled (Press Released)



Bayelsa Merit Awards 2017, Voting Process Cancelled (Press Released)

The ongoing Bayelsa Merit Awards 2017 online voting process which began November 30th which was supposed to end 17th December was yesterday cancelled due to issues related with the site where the voting process were conducting and also some of the nominees not gotten the information on time.

The press release which was sent to Chidi’s Palace was also published in their Facebook page stressing their disappointment over the action. To the buildup of the event in Yenagoa, the Award events just within days of the voting process has become a household name which over 100,000 cue in to vote their nominees.

The Press Release reads;
The Governing Council of the BAYELSA MERIT AWARDS 2017 (BAMA) wishes to inform our Award nominees and the general public that we are canceling the entire voting exercise to start afresh .

This is due to some valid complaints of some of the nominees that they were not aware of their nominations on time and that has affected their votes negatively. Some also complained about the voting interval which started with 30 mins and later changed to 24 hours.

We are therefore suspending the voting exercise to allow everybody to start same time. We are also using this medium to state eloquently and categorically that the process is free and fair and not tainted with irregularities. The change from 30 mins to 24 hours voting interval was due to the massive traffic generated by the 30 mins voting interval which the site couldn’t accommodate.
We are very committed and focused on providing a level playing field for all Nominees. Please inform everyone that is nominated about this development.

We are also open to new nominations to add to the existing ones in any category . New nominations must reach us from now till latest 12 noon on Thursday 7th, December,2017.
Fresh Voting starts from 12noon on Friday 8th, and ends on Friday 15th, December, 2017.

We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences this may have caused some of the nominees but believe strongly that it’s the best decision in the instant situation. Thank you for your support and patience.

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