When Biafra defeated Nigeria at the Court in London


As the clatter of fireworks raged on during Nigeria’s civil war 50 years ago, unknown to Nigerians, the Biafran and Nigerian governments were also pursuing the case at a British court.

In 1965, the house was bought by the government of the Eastern Region of Nigeria. It was occupied by one of their senior officers. In 1966, a Federal Military Government was set up in Nigeria. It was then arranged that an officer of the Federal Government of Nigeria should occupy the ground floor of No. 35 Woodstock road, while the first floor of No. 35 Woodstock road, remained occupied by an officer of the Eastern region. Afterwards, civil war broke up in Nigeria. The Eastern Region seceded. It calls itself the Republic of Biafra. But this house remained occupied as before. The Federal officer was on the ground floor. The Biafran officer was on the first floor.

They arranged for decorators to come in. They intended, after the decorators had finished, to put another of their officers at the ground floor. On the very day Mr Mohammed left, the decorators came in. But they left at 9.00 o’clock at night. They left the place locked up. But the Biafrans on the top floor had been keeping watch. They knew that Mr Mohammed had gone. They had themselves got a key of the ground floor. They got into the ground floor and installed a family of the Biafrans into it. Vanguard

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