Seeds of Destiny Daily Devotional, November 13 – The Devil Fears You


You are reading Today’s Seeds of Destiny Daily Devotional written by Pastor Paul Enenche.
Topic: The Devil Fears You
Today Monday November 13, 2017

SCRIPTURE…for the LORD your God shall lay the fear of you and the dread of you upon all the land …Deuteronomy 11:25

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The devil fears your future; and the bigger your future, the bigger your fight.

It is confirmed that the devil fears great futures. This was why he fought the birth and lives of our Master Jesus Christ, Moses, etc., even from infancy.

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For someone like Joseph, the fight assumed a miserable and dangerous dimension – he was hated even by those related to him by blood; he was sold into slavery in Egypt and jailed for a crime he did not commit. What a fight!

Personally, when I was growing up as a child, I was very sickly – suffering recurrent bouts of convulsion and other kinds of sicknesses. My mother told me that if she went to the market to sell, they would send for her and tell her, ‘Your child (referring to me) is convulsing again o!’

The truth is, the enemy was fighting the future he feared and still fears, and eventually, that future he feared and still fears has befallen him. Millions of people around the world are being saved and brought to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, destinies are being restored, the sick and the afflicted are being healed, delivered and empowered by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our Ministry.

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Beloved, the devil fears your future; and the bigger your future, the bigger your fight. But since he could not kill you in your mother’s womb, it is too late for him to do anything about your destiny. Hallelujah!

REMEMBER THIS: The devil fears your future; and the bigger your future, the bigger your fight.

1. Never give up because of the current battles around your life.
2. Always realize that the fight came not to make you bitter but to make you better.

PRAYER: LORD, I refuse to give up, give in or give way. I resist everything resisting Your purpose for my life, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


QUOTE: When God reveals you to you, it will change everything and you would have no devil to fear. Culled from GO IN THIS THY MIGHT by Dr Paul Enenche

DAILY READING: Ezekiel 27:1 to 28:26, Hebrews 11:17 to 31, Psalm 111:1 to 10, Proverbs 27:15 to 16

AMAZING FACT: A snail can sleep for 3 years

TODAY IN HISTORY: 13/11/1864, The new Constitution of Greece was adopted.

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