No peace in Nigeria until Buhari let Biafra go

Biafra: Millions of Nnamdi Kanu are ready for Anambra election's boycottBiafra is no longer a breaking news round the world today rather breaking out of Nigeria becomes the most loudest anyone could hear. I will say but few words. For example two people are in a relationship for months, years and later in the relationship one feels he or she is no longer okay with what bond them, the next step is to break free. This is how many have analyzed Nigeria-Biafra.

At last Buhari resumes office in Presidential Villa

If one feels insure in a relationship, forcing or persuading the person to continue will surely make the situation worsen. You don’t force people to freely do something rather they do it on their own will, that is Nigeria-Biafra. The only time peace will return to any of these different ethnicity is letting go.

Buhari committed mass murder by sending Soldiers to attack Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB – Osita

Finally I will say, both Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and the Ijaws are different people with different culture, background, orientation and tradition. You can never merge them to be one. Note that none will trust another no matter what.

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