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Biafra: Prophet reveals what Buhari should do to IPOB

The Senior Pastor of Divine Prayer and Prophetic Ministries International, Rev Divine Okwara, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to opt for dialogue in putting an end to the agitation for Biafra among youths of the South-East.

Okwara, also known as De Prophetic Commander, said the President should behave like a father by calling the aggrieved youths to order through dialogue.

Speaking with The Sun, Okwara asserted that the agitation in the South East was an off-shoot of hunger.

The clergy man said rather than give room for another second civil war, Nigerians should seek oneness and opt for restructuring.

According to Okwara, “What would have happened to our unity if the Biafra agitators had succeeded in breaking away from Nigeria?

“What would have happened if the Arewa youth had carried out there ‘Igbo –must-go’ October 1st threat? We would have been in a state of war, and war doesn’t solve problems but dialogue does. I am not in support of Biafra agitation. Biafra agitation should stop.

“The best way to handle Biafra agitation is through a round table, dialogue with them since they feel they are not well treated. These people are hungry. Let the president do the needful by calling them to order, call the youth to order.

“He is a father, whenever children misbehave, the father calls them to order and caution them, they will listen to him.

“The president should tackle the issue as a father; anyone who is a president of a country is a father to all and not to some people.

“We should see ourselves as one in order to avoid a civil war or second world war. There should be a room for restructuring.” Dailypost

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