Biafra: Opertion free Nnamdi Kanu to fulfill his destiny


Biafra is prevailing with Nnamdi kanu in the pictureEveryone living on planet earth is destiny for greatness in a unique way. Only the person can chose to fulfil his destiny or waste it. And it is only God can question an individual for what he used his time on earth do.

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Apparently, Nnamdi Kanu is destined to deliver his people from the shackles of slavery and oppression. This is the way I see it. Therefore, when this aim is not fulfilled the effort becomes a waste. Also know that the resultant effect of such failed destiny is neither on the person alone but also affect the people he was assigned to.

Therefore, it is so important to let Nnamdi Kanu go, wherever, whomever that is holding him hostage. It is clear that he is destined to get his people Biafra, the desired destination for all the Igbo race. Just like Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt so it Nnamdi Kanu should lead millions of Biafrans out of their slave master. ‘Let Nnamdi Kanu Go’

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