Biafra: Millions of Nnamdi Kanu are ready to boycott Anambra election


Biafra: Millions of Nnamdi Kanu are ready for Anambra election's boycottNnamdi Kanu’s ideology and fight for freedom will never be in vain as millions of Youths, elderly to yield to calls for no election in Anambra come November 18 and the rest of Biafran land.

It was reported yesterday that the Enugu LG polls were deserted as twin explosion occurred during the election. According to source, many of the polling units were seen with one or two persons. I believe people are in high spirit to boycott elections in the South East.

How Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB will defeat Anambra election agenda

Anambra election will be a conclusion of the agitation which IPOB and other groups are expecting to roll in the referendum. There are millions of Nnamdi Kanu that will yield to the call.

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