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Biafra: I wept at the stupidity of Igbo leaders, they are chained slaves – Blogger



leaders, Biafra: I wept at the stupidity of Igbo leaders, they are chained slaves – BloggerThe South East leaders, so called governors and the rest of them have been described as chained slaves to the Northern Fulani. Nigerian blogger reacted over their betraying attitude towards the teeming Igbo population. He stated that there is no longer shame in them, that they don’t mind what happened next.

He said, Our people, I mean the so called shameless leaders are disgrace to the Igbo race. No wonder, they could sell off their families to the Huasa Fulani for just crumbs they pick from Buhari’s table. This is shame and indeed spiritual and physical slavery in the highest order.

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How can these people who say they are working for the interest of all Igbos after a mass slaughter of our armless youths in Aba, Enugu, Anambra and other places could not ask or demand explaination from Mr Buhari. It is so disgusting, so pathetic.

They welcome the same man who ordered the onslaughter of our people in Igbo land, pay our helpless and hungry women to come stand in the sun to welcome and wave at the same man who killed their Children. Well, this is for power, but I know they will die one day, stand and answer before God. I end my speech here by saying, I weep for them, family and children unborn. Their evil will be visited upon them and their generation.

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