Anambra Election: Nnamdi kanu, IPOB and the rest Biafra will do it again


Anambra Election: IPOB should adopt best approach for boycottAs Anambra election draws closer, there’s great anticipation over the outcome of it whether it holds or not. As the IPOB’s campaign keep hitting the social media and other platforms, there is great need for education of all Anambrans as suggested by Facebook user suspected to be an Easterner (Biafran).

He wrote; “My people, let us not only boycott elections here on the social media. We should get to the root. Without the motive been campaign in the grassroot and they buy into it, of which I know they will, then our effort may amount to nothing.”

He went further to suggest that a chain message and alert should be sent to all home and abroad to educate their people especially from Anambra.

“I will love to suggest that SMS alert to mobile phones and that of facebook, whatsapp should be adopted immediately. I know there is millions of Nnamdi kanu out there who are ready to sacrifice their life just for Biafra. We must do it now or never.”

Well, it is easy said than done. Nnamdi Kanu has done it before can they repeat same in his absence?

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