Those who betray Biafran course are not worthy to stay in our land – Biafran


With regards to comments and statements from orji Uzor Kalu, former Governor Abia state and likes are clear indications that they are the saboteur we have in Igbo land. Any elderly or so called leader who can not take care of his house and start chasing rat while his roof is on fire is a shameless elder or leader.

I am so ashamed that a man like Uzor Kalu should make such comment, Nnamdi Kanu whereabouts base on assumption without thinking the delicate nature of the case at hand. In fact, this is the strong signal that people like Uzor Kalu can betray his own brother anytime, anywhere.

Well, since he knows his whereabouts, may be he should produce him. It is quite unfortunate that a man like Uzor Kalu is not supposed to be counted as a sincere and trustworthy leader in Igbo land.

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