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This is not 1967, Not even Nuclear bombs can kill Biafra – Clergy warns Buhari

As news concerning the whereabouts of IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu continue to make headlines, people also continue to sample their opinions, some prediction while others advice to the issue.

The General Overseer of Mountain of Liberation and miracle ministry, Pastor Chris Okafor, has opined that Biafra is a spirit and cannot be killed with guns, arrows, and not even with a nuclear bomb.

While Speaking on the Operation “Egwu Eke 2” in the South East of Nigeria, the acclaimed man of God stated that it’s unfair for the Nigerian government to deploy the full weight of the military in the manner they did to quell the secessionist agitations by the IPOB members and in fact the people of that region.

According to him, “Our Government needs to learn how to resolve issues with dialogue. No amount of time or resources expended towards dialogue is a waste. ‘’

‘’This is not 1967. Anybody who thinks that they can kill an agitation like Biafra with force is truly living in fools’ paradise. It can never happen! Biafra is a spirit. Wasn’t it Ojukwu who started it? He’s gone but Biafra is still here.’’

‘’You can’t kill a spirit with guns and arrows, not even with a nuclear bomb. If Ojukwu’s exit did not kill the agitation, how can any human being think or believe that Nnamdi Kanu’s exit will kill the agitation.’’

”As a matter of fact, more people have now joined the agitation and mark my words, worst people than Nnamdi Kanu will soon emerge-they are already there and nobody knows how peaceful those ones will be.”

”We should behave like a 21st century constitutional entity and stop using force to do everything. Dialogue is the only way out and the Government of the day must take advantage now.”

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