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Read why millions of people love Biafra

Read why millions of people love about Biafra
Online polls shows people’s views and reasons why they love Biafra. Read through the comment also put your own comment down. Read below;

‘I Luv Biafra becos am possess by the spirit’

‘Biafra is dream nation, my hope, in the outside world, my joy and place of fulfilment’

‘Because is my country, home of love and peace i love biafra’

‘whoever love his father or her mother must love biafra, i love biafra wit many reasons’

‘My identity I love my home no place like home igbo kwe nu iseeeee’

‘Because I want to be free from slave and I want to go to my promise land’

‘Because it’s the only hope left for us and there is no place like home, God bless my father’s land#BIAFRA’

‘Asking me why I love biafra is like asking me why I am an Igbo man, its my identify, its something that u cannot take away because its in my blood’

‘Many reasons but I will mention few; 1. God created me a BIAFRAN, I didn’t choose it by myself, 2. BIAFRA is the land of reasonable humans, 3. BIAFRA is a promised land. 4. Because enemies killed millions of BIAFRANS to make sure they subdue us, I came to know that if BIAFRA is not valuable enemies would not take notice of her.’

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