North Korea ‘blamed’ for ‘WannaCry’ cyber attack that crippled the NHS

NORTH Korea was blamed by Britain’s Security Minister for the ‘WannaCry’ cyber-attack which crippled the NHS.North Korea ‘blamed’ for ‘WannaCry’ cyber attack that crippled the NHS

Tory rising star Ben Wallace said the Government believed “quite strongly” that a foreign state was responsible and named Pyongyang.

Microsoft President Brad Smith has called for a ‘digital Geneva Convention’ to stop future state-sponsored attacks after Kim Jong-un was named by MPs
He said: “North Korea was the state that we believe was involved in this worldwide attack.”

The incendiary comments came 24 hours after a watchdog warned hackers could down the NHS again unless it gets its act together.

Hospitals and GP surgeries across England and Scotland were among at least 16 health organisations hit by a so-called ‘ransomware’ attack in May.

Thousands of patients were turned away and appointments cancelled as the ‘WannaCry’ virus scrambled data on computers. Continue reading 

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