Nnamdi Kanu is found today in every Biafran heart


I know where Nnamdi Kanu is now..
I apologise to all my friends. I am going to let this secret out. My conscience is exploding in grief for keeping it this long.. I know exposing this will make some people think I can’t keep simple secrets. I know some lilly hearts will feel betrayed. The brave ones have been irking to hear this truth..

I know the whereabout of Kanu!
This is not like Orji Uzor Kalu’s spurious hullabaloo of Mazi Kanu fleeing from Malaysia to London.. He is just seeking cheap relevance.. He wants to be in the picture. He did it at Kuje.. Filled the Social media with his Trojan horse entry. Ekele Dili Chukwuthat for once he said the truth after that visit, “Kanu is unbribable!”.. Akòró gbago, akòró gbadata.. CONTINUE READING

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