IPOB: Biafra shocks Buhari and the zoo

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Like we always say, ‘Biafra is a SPIRIT’. No matter the amours, bullets, chemicals even battalon of soldiers it can never quench, kill, destroy or put the Biafra struggle to rest in the grave.

So, anyone or groups on this course will surely yield no fruits. A lot have been said about the Biafra; the anchors and their enemies. But the greatest shock of all is the ‘much-efforts-no-result’. They thought if Nnamdi Kanu is attacked, perhaps kidnapped or killed that ends the story of Biafra. it was the other side of the story.

Exposed: I doubt if this is Buhari, Nnamdi Kanu’s claim might be true

I bet you, those who plotted the attack on Nnamdi Kanu and to shutdown Biafra struggle must have regretted their amount of strength they put in.

To shock you, Buhari and his men are disappointed they could not stop the Biafra struggle. As mysteries of their rotten deeds are unfolding it makes them lose their grip over BIAFRA.

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