Exposed: I doubt if this is Buhari, Nnamdi Kanu’s claim might be true



Exposed: I doubt if this is Buhari, Nnamdi Kanu's claim might be trueA Facebook user took his account after watching the national TV, NTA televised Mr Buhari’s visit to Turkey with Aisha his wife.

He noticed that not even a clip of Mr President was shown while talking rather it was muted and his aides speaks on his behalf.

This he posted;
“NTA is making me believe Buhari is dumb. Why is it in all d news broadcast on his Turkey trip he did not talk instead his Aide.”

But one would ask same thing, why would number one citizen not talk on the TV after such a visit to Turkey? I am beginging to sense a smell. Please political aides, allow Mr Buhari talk, we know he as the man who can speak. Or are we going by what Nnamdi Kanu’s claim of Now-Buhari-identity?

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