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Catalonia just declared independence from Spain

Catalonia just declared independence from Spain
Catalan lawmakers have voted to declare independence from Spain, bringing to a head an unprecedented four-week power struggle over the region.

Politicians in the regional parliament in Barcelona voted to become a sovereign independent state against Spain’s wishes. It follows the October 1 referendum, in which 2.2 million Catalans voted to leave Spain.

Just 40 minutes after the vote in the Parlament de Catalunya, the Spanish Senate in Madrid approved Article 155, which allows the Spanish government to take control of the autonomous region of Catalonia.

The Catalan vote – which needed a majority of 68 “yes” votes – passed with 70 ballots in favour, 19 against, and two blank. As the meeting came to a close, deputies stood and sang “Els Segadors,” the Catalan national anthem.

Carme Forcadell, the president of the parliament, also asked the European Union to recognise Catalonia as a sovereign nation. The EU is unlikely to do so, having said earlier this month that Catalonia’s independence referendum was illegal. Continue reading from source

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