Biafra: How did Nnamdi Kanu go wrong for fighting for the oppressed?


Biafra was a project that was not completed during the Nigeria-Biafra war. Though the actors in the field only surrendered for peace and for restructuring which never happened. So, make no mistake about it, for those who say some foolish things that Biafra is dead and gone. It is a lie without good foundation.

The question is, did the cause of Biafra war resolved? So, what makes you think Biafra is dead and gone. Nnamdi Kanu in the scenario is to accomplish what the players of the Biafra agitation started in the 60’s. Should Biafra problems resolved I don’t think Nnamdi Kanu or others will rise to agitating a settle case.

The Biafra will see today is not a Biafra of WAR, GUNS and ARMOURS but of WISDOM, DEVOTION and UNIFIED STRENGTH. Nnamdi Kanu has a good fight, no matter how and where he is fighting it from, it is a good fight. For him to good down in a good fight like Biafra which is back by some powerful countries like US, UK, Turkey, etc who did not support the proscription of the group enforced by the Nigerian Government.

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Bet me, the world is yet to act, and when they do you know what will definitely happen. To me Buhari does not have the interest of an IGBO man, thus the agitation of Biafra would have not generated to this extent. If he does, what happens if he calls for dialogue if they are felt marginalised in other to move the country forward. This is the step that former president did, the late Musa Yar’ Adua. he quelled the problems in the Niger Delta so that the Oil sector would move on to boost the revenue of this country. But to Buhari who I may suggest hate the Igbos with passion it is a hard KNOCK to quell the situation.

My question are, how did Nnamdi Kanu go wrong fighting a just course? Is Kanu’s popularity a threat to his HATERS? Should Nnamdi Kanu have carried guns will they not call them for negotiations like they did with the Niger Delta militants? These are questions need to be answered by Buhari and others.

Just trying to make sense!

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