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Video: Nigeria is the most dangerous place for Christians in the world – US Lawyer



As posted on Facebook by userU.S constitutional lawyer, Bruce Fein, says; Nigeria is the most dangerous place for Christians in the world.

The battle has just begun. In the end, we must win this war. It doesn’t really matter what you’re seeing the headless python (Nigerian army) dancing it’s last exit dance to the world beyond.

As far I’m concerned, Nigeria is dead in all ramifications. The ever brutal & unrepented tyrant, the brainless pedophile of Daura, who at the age of 47 married a 9 year old girl–has just started what he cannot finish. Their islamic jihadists army–the called the Nigerian army had a secret meeting not quite long..where no person from south east ( Biafran territory ) was represented–and after the meeting, they concluded how to break the great spirit of the Biafrans, through their Operation Python Dance (Egwu Eke).

Their initial plan was actually to massacre as many igbo as possible, in other words, to reduce the population of igbo Biafrans, against the imminent & coming referendum. But contrary to their expectations, our people’s indomitable & resilient spirit, is second to none. Our Chi is fighting the fight for us. They have all the war weapons, war tanks, jets & military gadgets, but they just don’t know how to stop the agitations that will birth the restoration of Biafra, their worst ever nightmare.

We must be very strategic & diplomatic at this stage of our struggle..because the world is watching & the trend will switch very soon.

Source: Facebook

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