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Seeds of Destiny Daily Devotional – The God Who Works

You are reading Today’s Seeds of Destiny Daily Devotional written by Pastor Paul Enenche
Topic: The God Who Works
Today Friday September 29, 2017

SCRIPTURE: My father worketh hitherto and I work. John 5:17.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: God works with people who are willing to work.

One of the attributes of God, according to our anchor scripture, is diligence. He is a God who works. We were created in the Image of God and are, therefore, supposed to work diligently the way God works (Genesis 1:26). It is an abuse of association to be lazy as a child of God. You are not a child of God if you are not diligent like God.
This attribute of diligence is seen in the lives of all the men God chose to use both in the past and in contemporary times because God is a working God. He works with people who are willing to work.

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To be relevant on earth, you must be a hard worker. When Joseph’s parents and brothers joined him in Egypt, he took them to Pharaoh. Then Pharaoh asked him to source for men of activity among his brothers and make them rulers over his flock (Genesis 47:6). A man of activity refers to a hardworking man.
On the other hand, Pharaoh was making Joseph to know that the lazy or the weak among them should not be allowed to go near his flock.

Beloved, shun every manifestation of idleness in your life either in the form of excessive sleep or dodging responsibilities.

Remember this: God works with people who are willing to work.

1. Make up your mind to walk and work with/for God.
2. Shun every trace of idleness in your life.

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PRAYER: O LORD, I ask for the grace to be a hard worker like You. Deliver me from any tendency for excessive sleep and slumber, LORD, in Jesus’ Name.


AMAZING FACT: Never hold your nose and cover your mouth when sneezing, as it can blow out your eyeballs.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 29/09/2010 – In China, Canton Tower became operational.

DAILY READING: Isaiah 54:15 to 59:21, Phil 1:1 to 26, Psalm 71:1 to 24, Proverbs 24:9 to 10.

QUOTE: Replace the quote with ‘It is input that determines outcome. How you work today determines whether you will be qualified for the next level. Culled from Career & Workplace Wisdom by Dr Paul Enenche

DON’T FORGET TO ATTEND: The Home Church meeting by 6:00pm tomorrow at a Home Church near you. Also invite your friends and neighbours. God bless you as you do so.

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