Rejoice my people! Biafra is emerging


Rejoice my people! Biafra is emerging

Biafra a dream come true. In the eyes of realities in Nigeria all I see, Biafra is emerging.

The fortunate part of this struggle is that it isn’t a child’s play as one may say. With the practical practices and ideologies of the untiredness of Nnamdi Kanu together with the unquenchable passionate passion of the members of the IPOB it is now settled that Biafra is emerging gradually.

Well, to cap it all, comments and suggestions of restructure of Nigeria which is emerging fast from the West you will understand the the actualisation of Biafra is near.

Rejoice my people! Biafra is emerging
Biafra is emerging

Recently, Femi Fani-Kayode has stated that if Nigeria is not restructured then the actualisation of Oduduwa Republic is inevitable. That means break up and you know what that means, the emergence of Indigenous People of Biafra.

This is what I see and feel and nothing more! Truly it is that Biafra is emerging!

Note: The article here represents the writer’s opinion.

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