Opinion: South East Governors are the cause of Aba killings


Opinion: South East Governors are the cause of Aba killings

Aba people must know that Okezie Ikepeazu is the one responsible for bringing war to Abia State and Aba in particular. He is the person that asked the Nigerian Army to invade clear 5 days before the commencement of operation Python Dance. Ikpeazu is from Ngwa of which Aba is a part of, so what is happening now in Aba as with National High School killings, is the handiwork of an Ngwa man.

We cannot blame HAUSA FULANI alone on this one. The problem in Igboland today are Igbo men in Government Houses, they are the people that invited Hausa Fulani Islamic soldiers to be killing us. What is happening is history repeating itself. When the White man came, they appointed corrupt Warrant Chiefs to enslave our people for them. Communities that rejected their own warrant chief or killed him were immediately sent British soldiers to teach them a lesson.

Chinua Achebe captured part of this phenomenon in Things Fall Apart. Ask yourself, who did Okonkwo kill to warrant the District Commissioner to march British soldiers into Umuofia? He killed a Igbo British slave and the master came to avenge the death of his slave. Today in Biafraland your governors are representing the interest of the Caliphate not yours.

Challenge them as Kanu did by saying no election, then they call their master in Sokoto to send the Caliphate Army a.k.a Nigerian Army to come and deal with you. Biafraland is in effect a conquered territory of Arewa, what IPOB is doing is a fight to liberate her.
Because I know history will always repeat itself, that is why I am comforted with the knowledge that Biafra must surely come because it existed before.

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