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If Nnamdi Kanu is a small boy, then there will be no agitation, small boys don’t agitate!

This is a short piece written by Chidi Obasi to correct the blunder committed by Buhari’s Media PA, Lauretta Onochie.

Let me begin by saying who a small boy is.
Small boy is one who does not have any will, be it political, governance or societal will.

He is one with no focus and vision. He doesn’t have any set goals and can’t kick off one.

Biafra: Police deploys personnel to Southeast, ready to arrest Nnamdi Kanu

Who is a small boy?

He is one called liability and always dependent to anyone. A small boy doesn’t have any control of whatsoever.

The conclusion is, if Nnamdi is a small boy then he wouldn’t have gone to prison at the first place after been arrested, gone to court. He wouldn’t having be in command of over millions of Biafrans Agitators all over the eastern states.
And if he is a small boy he calling the shots which has drawn the attention of the world.

I believe this is who a small boy is,(even if one did not complete his primary school education) he should know what and what a small boy do.

Nnamdi Kanu is a leader not a small boy.

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