Nigeria will sink in problems if Biafra is not addressed

With the rising tension in Nigeria over Biafra agitations, the missing Nnamdi Kanu, proscription of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB as terrorist group and the headaches in the ruling party APC. All these problems and many more will throw Nigeria into confused state and may give way to country’s disintegration.

Biafra: Abaribe ‘attacks’ Buhari’s gov’t for declaring IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu terrorists

We should understand that when a problem is not solve and it become problematic to people in authority, it can never be curb when it escalates. It is advisable for the government of today to listen to all agitation with biased, attend to them, solve them amicably and now sit at the fence. Don’t make mistake about this, never think that one part of the nation is more powerful than others because the minors mighty be the big bone in your neck.

Agitation, Nigeria will sink in problems if Biafra is not addressed, Latest Nigeria News, Daily Devotionals & Celebrity Gossips - Chidispalace
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu address the crowd

Nnamdi Kanu won’t be foolish enough or be cajoled in the agitation by any element in the Nigeria as the APC government has allegedly accused the opposition party PDP of being responsible of the agitation. Note it that every deprived persons have blood running through the vein and will react when seen marginalized, this is the truth.

If the problems, the agitation of Biafra is not negotiation amicably I see Nigeria as a country sinking into confusion and crisis. No problem is ever solved by FORCE. Take it or leave it, this is my opinion.

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