‘The Lion of the east’ is alive and untouchable, don’t waste your time

Attack on Nnamdi Kanu by the military, a shed of pretence of 'One Nigeria'
Nnamdi Kanu after the attack

First of all shame to those who thinks that the Lion of the east is dead. Also to those who planned or are planning to attack him. Well, he is ‘untouchable’.

The attack at Nnamdi Kanu and his people by the Nigerian Army has really interpreted the ‘One Nigeria’ preach by the federal government. It has shown the mindset of them that preach unity we stand.

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Absolutely the incident has shown the world why Nnamdi Kanu is really fight for Biafra. It has given the idea why it is necessary for Nigeria break up.

The lesson of Nnamdi Kanu’s home invasion should be taken serious by the him and the people of the southeast. If precautions are not taken more brutal attacks might occur which may take more lives than expected.

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Now the world is watching from all corners the pretence of the ‘One Nigeria’ preach by Buhari’s government. Though the attack might be denied by the Nigerian military and the federal government but the true picture and story is sent out to the world. The Federal Government should examine the ‘One Nigeria’ advocacy project to know if truly it is been practiced.

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