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Aba Killings on the rise! A Facebook user has posted a few hour ago on how an innocent tailor was shot death in Aba. Below is the post and photos

Oh! Nigeria Army it shall never be well with you all, this is our brother Imo, a tailor who is specialised in sewing men suit here in Market road by Kent, he was gunned down today by Nigeria Army along market road for no just cause.

I was there when it happened, people gathered, discussing about how the Nigeria Army Aided their brother yesternight to kill and Maine our people at different locations in Aba when the army with their hilux suddenly drove in and started shooting sporadically, after that nobody was killed and the people reconvened again, those that opened their shops closed it and everybody were there wondering what today will look like, suddenly again they drove in this time around they were shooting directly at people and unfortunately for our brother Imo, he was shot at the back of his head and he fail down.

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This is the level of crime against humanity this awusa fulani boko haram in military uniform is perpetuating in our land, they kill us in our land and also kill us outside our land.
The whole world must come to our rescue here in Aba, they are killing us like chicken.

Breaking: Nigerian Soldiers murder an innocent tailor in Aba [Graphics Photos]
Breaking: Nigerian Soldiers murder an innocent tailor in Aba [Graphics Photos]

My question is, “Is it justified killing innocent unarmed citizen for no just cause?

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