Biafra: We will continue agitation to the end – Nnamdi Kanu’s brother


Emmanuel, brother of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has stated that the group will forge ahead with its agitation.

He insisted that IPOB is non-violent yet strong and will not be intimidated.

“Freedom is not given by the oppressor; it is seized by the oppressed. As long as what we do is in line with international laws, we will continue with the struggle (for an independent state of Biafra)”, he told Punch.

Biafra: We will continue agitation to the end - Nnamdi Kanu's brother

“We remain a non-arms-carrying group and also a non-violent movement. We do not believe that carrying arms will ever solve any problem. We believe in genuine engagement; that’s what IPOB stands for.

“The leadership and the entire membership of IPOB are too intelligent to carry arms because we know that violence has never solved any problem, so we don’t believe in violence. This is Nnamdi Kanu’s ideology: we don’t give and we cannot take life. We don’t know anything about the said rifles.”


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