Biafra: Turkish Diplomat To Address UN Over Soldiers Killings in the South...

Biafra: Turkish Diplomat To Address UN Over Soldiers Killings in the South East


Biafra: Turkish Diplomat To Address UN Over Soldiers Killings in the South

As the crisis and sounds of war tenses up in the South East region over Biafra agitation and the Nigerian Military killings and intimidation of innocent IPOB protesters, Abdulkadir Erkahraman who is a Turkish diplomat was the first international emissary to visit Nnamdi Kanu in Nigeria and has promised to raise the issue of Biafra before the United Nations General Assembly.

It has been gathered that Emmanuel Kanu, Nnamdi Kanu’s brother revealed the reason the Turkish government sent an emissary to visit Kanu in his hometown is because the Turkish government is looking forward to partnering with IPOB leaders

When Turkey pledges support for Biafra, the Turkish government had also publicly pledged to put in motion a strategy that would help in the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Report has it that the government of Turkey has facilitated a strategy by taking the struggle for Biafra independence to the United Nations and other relevant organizations in the world.

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Emma Powerful said: “This recognition and support from the Turkish government proves to the entire world that the unique model of liberation adopted by our leader, Nnamdi Kanu, is yielding the desired results because Biafra is at an unprecedented height in terms of global acceptability and grassroots awareness.”

Abdulkadir Erkahraman in a post on his Facebook page said he has discussed the issue with 20 world leaders and expressed optimism that it will soon yield good result.

He wrote: “I will raise the issue of Myanmar and Biafra at the U.N. General Assembly in the broadest manner. We will speak this issue with the leaders there. In the meantime, as the OIC term president, I have discussed this issue with nearly 20 world leaders. Some of these talks have yielded or will yield results. However, not everybody has the same sensitivity. Let them not; but, we will fulfill our duty.”

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He said both leaders of IPOB and Turkey will partner in the areas of infrastructural programmes designed to promote education, roads reconstruction and other projects.

He said: “During the visit, Erkahraman said he came to seek ways to partner IPOB leadership and Biafrans in general in the areas of infrastructural programs designed to promote education, roads re-construction and other projects which will be unveiled in no distant time.”

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