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Aba Killings: The blood of the innocent crying for justice



Killings, Aba Killings: The blood of the innocent crying for justice

As I glance through the footages and images of the Biafrans who were brutally killed by the Nigerian Army, my heart bled. I couldn’t bear it and immediately tears began to rush down my cheek. Then I asked, what kind of injustice perfected on humans who were turn animal for agitating for self determination.

Agitations for RESTRUCTURING and SELF-DETERMINATION predate this Administration but this Administration gave them the needed fuel. Government shouldn’t see this terrorism instead call for negotiation and round talk.

If truly we preach one Nigeria, why is referendum, round table talk avoided? Why some set of tribe are marginalised and others enjoy the biggest share of the NATIONAL CAKE?

Remember, the Solution to SELF-DETERMINATION agitations is a REFERENDUM and not Brute force. Using military against civilians is TERRORISM. Federal Government RESTRUCTURE Nigeria Now.They say when you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable.

Like Atiku said, ‘Let us dialogue and listen to each other’

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