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Save A Soul

You are saved to save others, Save A Soul For Heaven



Nothing is like having Jesus in your life. Trusting and believing in Him.
He guides, protects, provides and preserves. Give your life to him and make Him your personal LORD and SAVIOUR.

You may never have such opportunity to see or hear this!

He is just standing and waiting before your door. Open the door of your heart and let Him in. Just do this now and see the difference in the Mighty Jesus.

If you have made this decision, say this prayer aloud:

“Lord Jesus Christ, I come before you.

I have heard your Word and believe you can save me from this destroying SIN. Lord Jesus cleanse me and forgive ALL my sins. I have repented of them all and have decided to follow you.

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Therefore come into my life and stay. Give me the GRACE to follow you and be yours alone. Help me live a worthy life, this I pray in JESUS name, AMEN!”

You are SAVED to save others. Share and save a SOUL today!

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