Watch Nigeria Funny Comedy skirt: Gigolo Again


Watch Funny Video – Gigolo Again
Gigolo one of the most hilarious Nollywood fellow was just caught on Camera few minutes ago but it has come to the glaring of his eyes and mind that he Gigolo seek to live a happy life but when ever he push harder the more complicated life seems to him, its just like describing a snake that visited a scorpions house on knowing to the snake that scorpion will not welcome him with an embrace that will impress him despite that their two have one thing in common…

Drawing line Gigolo has this to say “THE MORE I FEEL AM HAVING FUN OF MY LIFE THE MORE DOOM I GET OUT OF IT BUT GIVING UP HAS NEVER BEING MY THING”…So watch and pray even as you look out for the next Gigolo online because Gigolo can be around your country, your state, your area or even in your bed….so watch out for the signs so u don’t get caught while napping

Watch, Enjoy and share your thought

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