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Mel B’s ex-nanny reveals full ‘truth’ about her bizarre relationship with star and husband



Mel B ’s ex-nanny has revealed the full extent of her bizarre relationship with the star and her husband.

In bombshell court papers , Lorraine Gilles, 26, claims the ex-Spice Girl acted as “camera man” for threesome sex movies.

Gilles has dramatically hit back at the star who dragged her into a bitter divorce battle.

The German model said being filmed romping with the ex-Spice Girl and her movie producer husband Stephen Belafonte made her feel “very uncomfortable”.

She stated she believed the sex footage is on mobiles owned by the couple – and that she’s terrified of it appearing online.

In the bombshell 128-page libel lawsuit filed by her legal team late on Friday, Lorraine added: “These recordings would be extremely embarrassing to me and my family… I do not want any of them to become public.”

Married Lorraine has been caught up in the warring couple’s crossfire ever since 42-year-old Mel B filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage in March.

The singer and X Factor judge alleges the nanny had an affair with her husband behind her back, fell pregnant by him and then had an abortion.

She also accuses Belafonte, 42, and Lorraine of taking money from her. But the nanny has steadfastly denied the baby she was carrying was Belafonte’s.

The papers have been released by her legal team in the latest stage of her bid to clear her name – and to fight a hate avalanche against her online after being branded a “homewrecker” by Mel B.

In the dossier, lodged with California’s Superior Court, Lorraine revealed how all three enjoyed sex together.

Mel B, Mel B’s ex-nanny reveals full ‘truth’ about her bizarre relationship with star and husband

She said in the papers: “My sexual and employment relationship with Melanie continued for approximately seven years until September 2016.

“During my time with Melanie, she and I had sex sporadically, sometimes having sex multiple times in a week.

“On the other hand I never had any sexual relations with Stephen without Melanie’s instruction and without ­Melanie’s actual or apparent consent.

“At no point did I represent to Melanie that I was pregnant with Stephen’s child.

“The only times Stephen and I had sex was when Melanie instructed Stephen and I to do so. Or when Melanie herself invited her husband to join us in the bedroom, at which point Melanie would often serve as the “camera man” and record the sexual encounter or take part in the menage a trois herself.”

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The legal papers, written in her own words, also blasted claims she was colluding with Belafonte to release a hoard of sex videos of Mel B – insisting she does not posses any footage.

Adultery: ‘My boyfriend treats me better than my husband’Mel B, Mel B’s ex-nanny reveals full ‘truth’ about her bizarre relationship with star and husband

Lorraine admitted she sent the former X Factor judge an X-rated email saying she was looking forward to them sharing a sex act at the weekend, adding: “It has been too long!”

And she refuted claims she was holding sex tapes and private possessions in a storage facility – adding that the lock-up was in Mel B’s name. Lorraine said she is now working as a waitress, but has been forced to take legal action because of the accusations.

In the papers she stated: “I have been actively trying to move past my time and relationship with Melanie. I simply wish that she shows me the same respect I’ve shown her over the past seven years.

“However this lawsuit became necessary after she refused to leave me alone and spread a number of lies about me and my relationship to her family on an international scale, all to benefit herself in her divorce proceedings.” Read more


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