Just In: The New Twist About President Buhari


As the absence of President Buhari continue to generate heat and concern in and outside Nigeria, lots of opinions have been sample. While the coming back of the President remains shady Nigerians have continue to say their mind both those who are in and against the whereabouts of Mr Buhari.

Few days back protests questioning the medical trip while others request Buhari to “Resume or Resign” But on social media, the case has taken another twist. Here is what a Facebook user thinks about the President Buhari and those withholding crucial information to Nigerians. Read as posted on Facebook;

Na now I wan talk my own.
So, I heard the lady who is in charge of social media to president Buhari saying; The president is a private citizen and it is disrespectful for Nigerians to ask for his health status. A loud round of applause for her please… ”Wehdone MA”.
It is actually a fact that truth will be sold and converted to lies that’s why the Bible clearly states that we should buy the truth and sell it not. The reason why we are where we are is because we have sold the truth. The same truth that would have set us free.

Dear MA, the president is not a private citizen but a public servant. In fact, he is the number one servant of this nation and by so everything private about him went public the day he decided to run for that position. Himself and others in power are put there so they can pilot the affairs of this nation to a better height for generations to come. It is not disrespectful to ask about the health status of the president of Nigeria. We are Nigerians and we must know what we need to know about our president. You can’t keep us in the dark and then come out to say it is disrespectful to ask about him. We no be gbawunz.
You are so unintelligent in your speech and mannerisms, you are supposed to rep socially but you lack too many vibes. The worst ever…. Stuttering like a confused liar.

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I am tired of this people and their drama.
I am tired of a country that isn’t moving forward.
I am tired of a president who cares about himself alone and not the welfare and well being of the people he is supposed to be presiding over.
I am tired of people sharing old photos just to prove to the people that their president is doing OK. Can we get an assurance? Can we get him talk to us like a father to his children since we all can’t go to London?

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I am tired of seeing a dumbass photographer who is rejoicing and asking someone to snap him and the president, all for paparazzi.
I am tired of people travelling up and down to London to see a man that they say is doing very great, yet doesn’t want to come back home. Is that selfless service?

I am tired of people knowing that things are not the way they ought to be, yet they press for it to continue just to prove a point.
I am tired of too many hanging things. Can it just drop?
The Bible says when the Godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power, the people groan. Proverbs 29:2.
I am tired of Groaning.
I am tired of your insults whenever I make a post about the president of Nigeria.
I am tired of keeping quiet because I am a media practitioner. If you insult me here, I will dash you your own.
What are you tired of???

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