Help Save Baby Waripamo-owei! He must not die (Donate to fIDA)


Baby Waripamo-owei must not die

It was a tearful Monday morning as parents of 19-month old Baby Waripamo-Owei Munamuna narrated the ordeal of their son to the Chairperson in company of other FIDANs at the Secretariat.

According to the father, Ala Munamuna, their son is suffering from Biliary Atresia, a condition he referred to as the absence of the bile duct that carries bile out of the liver.

Baby Waripamo-owei must not die

When the parents noticed some changes in the eyes of the baby, they decided to seek medical attention with an operation at University of Benin Teaching Hospital.

After the operation, the parents discovered that the stomach started swelling and we did another test to discover the liver has erupted and Baby Waripamo-owei is in need of a liver transplant and the parents are now financially incapacitated having spent over 5m Naira on medical bills since his birth. The amount needed for the surgery is N30m. Please, you can make donations to the FIDA Bayelsa account as follows;

lawyersme: FCMB, Yenagoa Branch
Account name: Int. Fed of Women lawyers, Bayelsa State Branch
Account Number: 0825702010

They are calling on well meaning Bayelsans to come to the aid of Baby Waripamo-owei to carry out a liver transplant immediately as doctors have advised that if the surgery is not done immediately baby Ala might loose his life.

Baby Waripamo-owei must not die
Baby Waripamo-owei must not die

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