FACEBOOK: Nigerians React Over Jonathan’s Property Loot by Policemen


Nigerians React
Nigerians react to the recent loot of properties of the former president, Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja by Policemen who were meant to guard his house. The items loot were sets of furniture, dozens of plasma television sets, refrigerators, air-conditioner units and box-loads of clothes such as designer suits imprinted with the former president’s name, male and female Ijaw traditional attires, lace materials and bowler hats.

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See hate? So they alleged to have seen fridges and LCD TVs in GEJ’s residence and the usual suspects have gone to town with agogo and shouting “we don catch am, see how many fridge and TV dey him house…thief, Ole, barawo etc”. Fridge and TV o, what if GEJ bought a bullet proof car like Tinubu did, or open a private University like OBJ and Atiku did, what if he is flown in his own private jet or his friend’s like Buhari did? What if? How can people be this heartless and mean towards this poor man who only served this country to the best of his ability without undermining and or abusing his powers. TVs and Fridges is the problem, not that the mans house was burgled by the very police people providing security. These namasobiris think they can excuse away their hatred for GEJ with all kinds of guises, but let me tell you something, see Buhari, see were his hatred for GEJ landed him, keep hating on a man who only wish you well. Keep heaping hot coals on your head. Kontinu hating!

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