Domestic Violence: Would You Like To Do This To Your Wife?


These days domestic violence seem to be on the increase. Violence between husband and wife especially is the most seem.

A Facebook user posted with this tag;

Another user who also commented on the issue relating it to what her husband did to her. Read below

“My husband trusts me and we’re not hiding anything. And not only will he let me respond to his like, but when I bring him his mail, he tells me that I could open it and tell him what he is. And it’s the same for me, I’d never hit him in a crisis if he responded to my like!! When we love each other and we have nothing to hide, we share everything! This man is probably leading a double life and also a big mental problem to dare to attack a woman since physically we are weaker! If he loves him he must protect her not become the source of his misery!!!!!”

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