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Buhari 100 days In London (A Movie You Must Watch)

Buhari 100 days In London

It is really getting interesting by the day “Buhari 100 days in London”. Nigerians are full of wonders and can’t stop getting on point. Like play, like play it is now a movie in the cinemas according to the poster circulating on the internet.

Over 3 weeks, it is been Buhari 100 days in London. Some Nigerians are Pro and Anti Buhari, while others stay mute on the issue, just like me. We all know here and there protest upon protest and so much noise about the Nigerian ailing President.

One thing I can’t figure out is the communications between President and Presidency. If Buhari as they all testified is healthy and getting stronger can talk and transmit to the those who are previlege to be in London once or twice can also speak to hopeful Nigerians who are waiting his return. Don’t you think so?

As at this report, Buhari 100 days in London got about 222,000 results (0.66 seconds) in google. That’s how interesting it is. Nevermind, we are waiting for the Movie as it is designed on the poster. Lol! I’m desperate like you. Nigerians are wonderful people! See poster below;

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