Bravo! MMM Nigeria Introduces Mavro-100% to its participants


For those who are acquainted with Ponzi, you will know that MMM Nigeria is the last man standing. Some platform which came and have gone within a short period. Get Help Worldwide was the last to foil after transfer to another package named, “Get Help Worldwide Exclusive”.

Meanwhile MMM still going on stimutenously despite poor and slow participation unlike before the first frozen period December and January. But this is good news as every donation in the platform gets 100% in 30 days. Read the news;

MMM Nigeria Introduces Mavro-100%

From now on, MMM Nigeria offers Mavro-100% to all the members for providing help both through bank and bitcoin. Mavro-100% implies that the amount of Mavros doubles in a month. The contribution of 10,000 naira will grow up to 20,000 naira in one month.

Mavro-100% grows daily and does not get frozen. It means Mavro-100% can be withdrawn immediately after its confirmation. The higher growth rate became possible due to the implementation of weekly maximums for withdrawal. Using this mechanism, the System always can balance PH and GH volumes and operate sustainably for unlimited period of time. Now a participant can’t ask to get help again earlier than 7 days after the previous successful GH-request has been created. When a member creates GH-request, he can see the exact amount which is available for withdrawal in the current week – this is his personalised maximum. The total amount of Mavro remains unchanged. The remaining balance is available for withdrawal in the coming weeks. This algorithm is beneficial for loyal participants.

Thanks to the combination of these three innovations: Mavro-100% instead of Mavro-30%, weekly maximums for withdrawal, and the promo-tasks contests – MMM Nigeria will be more sustainable and will grow faster than earlier. Everything is just getting started!

By our efforts, MMM Nigeria will overcome!

We are changing the world!

P.S. We want to express our gratitude to the Community members who kept calm and showed loyalty during this transition period. Don’t forget MMM values and ideas, use your spare money and believe in the cause of MMM!

P.P.S. After the end of the promo on August 5, the release rate of ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ has been returned from 20% to 10% of the amount of your own contribution.

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