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‘Blacks For Trump’ Guy Is A Sellout- Akon

'Blacks For Trump' Guy Is A Sellout- Akon

‘Blacks For Trump’ Guy Is A Sellout- Akon

Akon thinks the guy holding the “Blacks for Trump” sign at his Phoenix rally has sold himself and the black community out for a quick buck, not unlike the rest of the GOP.

The singer was seen at LAX, and he gave his 2 cents on Maurice Symonette … the lone black dude behind Trump on Tuesday and he thinks it’s a case of sell-your-soul, a game he also believes is being played by other Republicans to protect Trump.

It doesn’t sound like Akon knows about Symonette’s past or his current political philosophies and it’s interesting that he tries painting him as someone who only supports Trump for an alleged payoff.

Still, he makes a good point about what the country is looking like these days – a state of affairs he usually sees outside the borders.

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