The Article originated from from George Turnah’s Facebook Account. He posted the article to clarify the alleged contract in NDDC.



  • Nothing like Kolo – Ogbia Electrification Project in NDDC
  • Nothing like Ogbia Brotherhood Village contract in NDDC
  • NDDC till today has not paid 1 kobo to the Contractor handling the Kolo 1,2&3 Electrification project which work done has reached over %80.

First and foremost, let me give a little detail of how the Niger Delta Development Commission is structured, and how it operates. The Commission is made up of a Chairman, a Managing Director, two Executive Directors, one in charge of Finance and Administration, the other in charge of Projects. Each of the Nine states that make up the Commission, has a Representative on the Board of the Commission.

Every spending or contracts award is anchored on annual budget usually prepared by the Commission and approved by the National Assembly. This means that for any project to be awarded by the Commission, it must first be captured in the budget as passed by the National Assembly with funds provided for its execution in the budget. Now, it is important to mention that the State Representatives are usually in charge of running the budget of their respective states.

They are completely in charge and solely responsible for the award and monitoring of execution of projects captured under their various states. Now, let me remind us, especially my Ogbia people and those who went on protest demanding that the money allegedly found in my accounts be returned to the Government of Bayelsa State, that never in history have I, Alabh George Turnah been a Representative of Bayelsa State on the Board of the NDDC.

In fact, for some of my Ogbia people who felt I should have turned Ogbia to LONDON because I was a Personal Assistant to somebody, I like to remind them that OGBIA HAD PRODUCED TWO REPRESENTATIVES OF BAYELSA STATE ON TWO BOARDS OF THE NDDC who had absolute control of the Bayelsa (Provisions) of NDDC budget. However, as a Personal Assistant who had his Bosses confidence, did I forget my people? The answer is a big NO. In my little way, I facilitated the award of contracts for the construction of several internal roads in and around Communities in Ogbia.

I facilitated the donation and installation of 500KVA transformers in several Communities in Ogbia. Communities like Imiringi, Otuesega, Kolo 1,11,111, Otuoke and Opume just to mention but a few, all benefited. I facilitated the award of contract for the electrification of Kolo 1,2&3 Communities. Till this moment that I speak, the NDDC has not paid a kobo to the contractor handling the Kolo Electrification Project. The Project as we speak is over 85 percent completed. As a matter of fact, I helped raised N30 million and gave to the contractor to commence the work since NDDC no longer pay contractors mobilization fee to commence projects. I did that for the love of my Community because I knew the administration coming may counsel the project since it was awarded by a PDP government, but if the job is already done to a reasonable level, they will rather complete it than counsel it, and that was why I had to raise money to enable the contractor start and take the project to a reasonable level. As we speak, the contractor has earned interim payment certificate for job done, but NDDC is yet to pay him a penny.

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I wish to appeal to NDDC to pay the Contractor (M & E Communications Nig. Ltd) so he can refund me my money, and also go to complete the Kolo electrification project for the benefit of the Community. I helped in facilitating the clearing of Akepilai River to open it up for navigation activities. I ensured the participation of Ogbia youths in virtually all empowerment programs of the NDDC while I served as Assistant on Youth Matters to the MD/CEO.

Ogbia youths benefited from the NDDC Volunteer Program, Ogbia youths benefited from the NDDC Cotonou training for which they earned $200 USD monthly for one year and on completion, they got N500K each to start up. Ogbia youths were at the Maritime Academy Oron for training. Ogbia youths where in Akwa Ibom for training in Oil Spill Management and Environmental Remediation. Ogbia youths were part of Niger Delta Youths trained in VTU recharge card production and sales, and were empowered with Power generating set, handset, umbrella and Cash as starter packs. Is it contracts for removal of invasive species on our water ways? What did I ever do with my small office that Ogbia youths didn’t partake? I did my best with the fear of God, and do not deserve the blackmail.

I had written to NDDC to produce details of the alleged Kolo – Ogbia Town Electrification Project, the Ogbia Brotherhood Village Project and all Projects anywhere in Ogbia awarded to either me or any of my associates, but till this moment, the Commission has not been able to do so.
I challenge anybody to produce the NDDC budget that captured the alleged projects, or details of the alleged projects showing the Companies they were awarded to, what year were they awarded, how much the NDDC has paid to which contractor and for what projects. This challenge again, goes to NDDC. I have written a formal letter and I am using this medium again to call on the NDDC to address the issue of these alleged projects especially the Ogbia Brotherhood Village Project and the Kolo – Ogbia Town Electrification Project.

The Ogbia Brotherhood Hall was rebuilt by the George Turnah Foundation, and not any contract from anybody or any Commission, not even the NDDC. I will give details of this project in PART 3.
The big question is, why did the blackmail in the media against me center on NDDC and PROJECTS in “OGBIA “? Could it be about 2019?

The matters raised here are also not part of EFCC charges against me in court, so I felt I should personally clear the air

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