Tragedy of Crazy Driving: Adieu little Ekiye…SHE DIED.


Tragedy of Crazy Driving: Adieu little Ekiye…SHE DIED.


If the gods had told the mother of 14-years-old Tarela Ekiye that the last time she would see, hold her little girl’s hands was when they left the house, at Amarata, to congregate at their place of worship along Azikoro road, Ekeki, Yenagoa; perhaps, she could have cursed the lips of the one of conveyed such bad to her ears.

But sadly, so did death came, so painfully, and claimed the life of her only daughter who was hit by a lady-driver.

The Honda vehicle with registration number FST-911-HDH LAGOS, was on a high speed on a rain-soaked slippery road and eye witnesses’ account suggest that the ‘fair complexioned’ lady-driver was also on her phone.

It was the ‘confusing’ accident-like sound that drew my attention to the gate’s direction, the gatemen threw their hands to the air in lamentation and wailing.

The communication was clear…oh, what a calamity has greeted this day? I mused within.

The rain didn’t held me back. I sprinted to the gate’s entrance.

No…it was her almost lifeless body, shattered head in the pool of its own blood, and eyes that tell you ‘goodbye’.

Her body, faced down, I reached for her back to feel any pulse, but none, though a medical doctor I’m not, but nature has taught, equipped us, so it’s inate to the village boy who pays attention.

Hope must not be lost…save a life we must.

So, frantically we called for tricycle, keke, to take her to the Federal Medical Centre, FMC. Oh alas, when trouble is at your door, you will see the colour of men around you.

These Keke drivers never stopped, offered to help nor could the passengers alight and urge the driver to save a life! Is this our country, Africa, where communal ownership of the child was among our pride?

Drenched there in rain, time for my radio programme, Issues of The Day was on point…what else can I now…but God, thank God the two female uniformed police officers came…forced down passengers from a Keke, which took little Ekiye to the FMC.

Tragedy of Crazy Driving: Adieu little Ekiye…SHE DIED.

There stood her immediate elder brother, perhaps, 13 or 14 year with another younger one, “This is my younger sister”…I hear him say low-toned while the younger one’s sobbing sounds over my shoulder to the ear.

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How could I have said, “Weep not child” like Kenya’s Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s would do or Camara Laye would say to his African Child, brother of now a lifeless body?

She’s the only daughter, he added.

That AirForce bus driver. I had waved at him, crossed over to him, pleaded with him too that he help us rush the child to their medical facility…NO! His non-verbal had said.

I am tempted, no I won’t, I won’t curse them all, none either, for their attitude towards human life. But is this an aspect of crude civility or westernization? Our values…where are day?

I trout down to the police station, ‘B’ Division where the lady-driver was cooling off her feet, nonetheless, police protocol denied me access…no, I didn’t see her face.

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Her vehicle had seats across the drainage, just almost in front of the police station gate.

She must be asking her chi where did she go wrong…wait it must, that answer, until her senses are fixed by the law.

But before then, I must say a prayer for the family of the departed little innocent soul, her brother, who eyes I couldn’t look when he whispered those words…”she left the church before us…she’s the only daughter”…he couldn’t cry, but stire at his sister…what would heaven say he was thinking?

Being a male a several women, I feel some of his thoughts.

In the spring of my thoughts, I turned my mind to ask, but to which direction I know not…nonetheless, its the songwriter who answered: WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD.

Adieu little Ekiye…SHE DIED.

The police women who took her to the FMC, one of them told me she was already dead, perhaps, while her body was on the ground.

NOW, the morgue at FMC has a new tenant, Tarela Ekiye, another victim of crazy driving.


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